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One-on-one Tuition

Want to introduce yourself in perfect Amharic? Or speak up to 3 minutes of conversation within the first week? Your personal teacher will provide you with personal feedback, corrections and answers to any questions you may have via private messenger. Your teacher will also give you a personalized program to follow How it works- We will link you with an experienced tutor at a mutually-agreed time and place, usually a cafe or library in central London. The course is tailored to your needs and covers the language aspects you are interested in.
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Online classes

are a great way to immerse yourself in the Amharic language while studying online makes it easy to access your material from anywhere. The convenience of online group 20 per hr classes makes them a top choice for learning any language. You can learn Amharic online effectively and efficiently.
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Group Tuition

Group settings help build your confidence and start speaking sooner and with greater fluency.It has many benefits for students, such as enhancing their critical and analytical thinking skills through group discussion, boosting their confidence through peer learning and support, and saving money and resources by sharing the tuition fees and materials with others. Group tuition can help students improve their academic performance and enjoy their learning experience.
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